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Tension Headache Relief
The fire alarm goes off while you’re sleeping; what would you do? You probably wouldn’t roll over and go back to bed, but rather, take a quick walk through the house to find out what caused the alarm to go off.

Now, the last time you got a headache did you take an aspirin, or find out what caused the headache? Taking an aspirin for headache relief is like rolling over and going back to bed after hearing a fire alarm.

At best, it is only masking the cause of a headache and possibly allowing the condition to become worse. To properly gain tension headache relief, you must understand what caused the headache.

Tension Headache Causes
An estimated 90% of headaches are caused by reduced blood flow to and muscle tension in the head, neck and upper back. [1]

Blood flow to the head is reduced when either the muscle inflames or the bone shifts and pinches down on the blood vessel to restrict the amount of blood that is able to pass through to the head.

This can occur, in cases of trauma (like an auto accident, or sports injury), poor-posture, improper sleeping posture, and during both muscle under and over-use.

Tension Headache Solutions
The most effective solutions for tension headache relief treat both the muscle and the bone to allow adequate blood flow to the head and relieve tension in the muscle that may be contributing to the pain.

Physical therapy uses weight resistance and stretching to treat muscle tension. Chiropractic care helps restore proper placement of the bone to allow adequate blood flow to the head.

Studies have shown that proper chiropractic alignments are as effective as prescription medication for tension headache relief [2] and that physical therapy is more effective than both acupuncture or massage therapy in providing long-term relief from headaches and migraines. [2,3]

Treating Tension Headaches
By coupling the benefits of chiropractic care with those of spinal physical therapy, we can provide both short and long-term tension headache relief.

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