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  Hear what Montgomery, IL has to say about Dr. David Leger and Premier Posture Health and Wellness.


“My spouse has been going to health source for years. He is very happy and recommends their services.”
-Cindy H.

“This was the best experience ever . Would strongly recommend this place. The receptionist and the staff are excellent.”
-Tim G.

"Why live with pain when Premier Posture Health and Wellness can help? they are friendly, convenient, and eager to help."
-Pam M.

"The chiropractors do a good job with the adjustments."
-Andrew B.

"The amazing doctor got rid of hand pain I was having for 3 weeks in just a matter of days. I avoided taking steroids like my regular doctor recommended and was pain free at the end of the chiropractic treatments."
-Ken N.

"Premier Posture Health and Wellness spared me from surgery. I was told my chronic back pain would require surgery but the chiropractor determined it was a muscle problem. After a month of tough chiropractic therapy I felt so much better."
-Marty W.

"I had tried other treatments for relief of my back pain with no success. After regular chiropractic appointments at Premier Posture Health and Wellness I felt a huge difference in my pain as well as the ability to move more freely."
-Christopher M.    

“I would like to say Dr.Leger and his wife Sophie have helped me physically to get better and mentally to also with their tips on being healthier. I also enjoy how they really concern themselves with their patients and really care about their wellbeing. I enjoyed being their patient so much I ended up working there. Much appreciation to Sophie and Dr.Leger.”
-Julie F.

Dry Leger and his team make every effort to provide personalized service to each and every one of his patients. There is always an abundance of information available. I always recommend him to people whom speak with about their various pain issues. Curious? Stop by and see how chiropractic adjustments have change, try for you and feel better today. Tell them Robert sent you...
-Robert W.


“I have said many times throughout my life time that I would never go to a chiropractor. But I finally did. I had pain in my lower back for a couple of week along with pain in my neck for a long time and I had an opportunity to go to health source chiropractic or a free exam, so I went.

My first visit was on February 17, 2016 and I got a complete exam to include x-rays, and computer generated images showing problems with my feet. After a 90 minutes examination I went to lunch and came back to find out the results of the x-rays.

I had improper alignment of my spine in the area of my neck. I also had minor bone spurs in the area of my lower back. The doctor explained everything in detail and advised me as to what it would take to correct the problem.

I agreed to come for one week of treatments before agreeing to go forward with the full blown treatment program.

After one week I felt much better in the area of my lower back and agreed to go on with more treatment.

I received a device for my neck to be used at home each day for 20 min. And inserts for my shoes constructed from computer generated images to help with my feet problems.

I will begin the 4th week of 3 days a week treatment to include adjustment to my spine along with 7 different exercise that I do.

When I finish this last week of 3 days, I will go to 2 days a week for 6 weeks.

I feel 95% better and have no doubt that when I am done with my treatments I will be very close to 100%.

The reason that I said that I would never go to a chiropractor was because of all the stories I heard about the doctor twisting and snapping arms and legs on every visit and everyone that I met that went to a chiropractor was still going.

The doctor has never twisted or snapped anything into place. The revolutionary advances in science and technology have created the impulse adjusting instrument that is used to adjust the spine.

There are no problems in going to the health source chiropractic, doctor leger but you must make a commitment to make yourself healthier.

I had 2 choices, let my problems get worse or commit to fixing the problems and I am 100% committed. Have read this I thought that I might let you know that I am 71 years old and have no problems with the 7 exercise or the neck exercise.”
-Dale K.

“Dr. Leger, Helped me with my L4-L5 for over 8 years before it completely herniated, we both knew it was time for surgery when I wouldn’t clear. And I have also know him for over 18 years.”
-Matt W.

“In October I was looking for a chiropractic doctor. I stopped at Dr.Legers clinic which I found. He relived my nerve pain. It is a good place. I recommend it for people to come at the clinic because of the attention they give and how professional they are.”  
-Bernardo G.

“I came in for neck, back and knee pain. I have tried exercise and pain medication. I am not completely pain free; however, I am sleeping through the night without pain. That hasn’t happened in a long time! I have also lost 6 pounds in over the past month with doing anything.”
-Philip S.

“I’ve been coming here for 10 years. It’s a snap, crackle, and pop into a good week. It cleared my sciatic up in a week.”
-Jeremy W.

“I have been coming for over a year now, receiving help to recover from an injury and feel almost back to 100%. Dr.Leger has done a fantastic job adjusting and improving my lower back and the staff is always helpful, professional and cheerful! I look forward to my visits.”
-Dave G.

“I came in for TMJ, back and neck pain. I have tried before another chiropractor and also an orthopedic doctor. I had an aggravating clicking in my jaw for years that radiate up to my ear. After several treatments from Dr.Leger, the clicking is totally gone! Also my back and neck pain is considerably better then when I first started.”
-Debby M.

“My neck is feeling much better and also my back is feeling much better.”
-Frances S.  

“I was experiencing crippling lower back pain. I was losing the ability to function at work and doing chores at home. I have tried chiropractic care but never more than one visit here and then. I am about 90% normal that is a miracle for me.”
-James M.

“The many struggles that I faced in are as follows: lack of energy, depression, and self-doubt, lack of confidence, always tired, weight gain, not believing myself, brain fog, etc. I have lived with these intruders; I like to call them, for many years dating back to when I was a young adolescent. I am 25 at this current time, and realized that I had enough pain and suffering that I could take. This is when I discovered BRT, which changed my perception of me and the life I lived dramatically. I owe it all to the wonderful team at Leger Chiropratic for bringing my life back to where I have always hoped and dreamt it would be. The results that I have made exceeded my expectations. I grew the confidence I was lacking and most importantly, I began to love myself. I noticed a new way of thinking and rationalizing that made me a stronger person. I began to stick up for myself and appreciate ME. I am so thankful for that. I never put myself first in situations. What I’ve gained in these past three months with Dr.Leger, along with his techniques and knowledge, is the love and commitment to thyself. I have learned to love myself again. BRT has helped me improve all around. I feel more alive. I continue to improve every day. This is something that I will never give up. I know they’re always there to support me. Dr.Leger is so dedicated with his work. He performs miracles with this wonderful technique. I strongly recommend BRT. It does wonders. If you are truly dedicated to yourself and your health, then give this program a chance. It will never let you down. You also witness changes in areas you never thought needed improvement. It cares for the whole body, mind and soul. It guides you towards the path to optimal health. Thank you Dr.Leger and staff for enhancing my life. I am a whole new person because of your commitment and dedication towards my health. I love you all!!!”
-Alana K.

“I’ve had allergies, coughs, low energy level, hair loss and depression for the past five years. After BRT treatments most of my symptoms/complaints have disappeared. Some are gone. I am able to garden without sneezing. My cough is gone and my hair lose has stopped. Most importantly of all I feel a general sense of well-being and I feel healthy again. I can sleep better again. I highly recommend the treatment to everyone, especially after treatments (doctors and medication) have not worked. In my case, I did not respond immediately due to my chronic conditions. But be patient because your body will eventually heal. Thanks to Dr.Leger and his staff.”
-Perla K.

“I have always had irregular periods and we struggled trying to conceive. My OB wanted to put me on medication, but I tried BRT first. But after doing BRT I AM PREGNANT! I would absolutely recommend to someone else.”
-Erika M.

“I have had allergy, headaches/ sinus congestion for 5 years. I’ve also had extreme lower back for the past two years. I’ve had knee pain for 9 years. Then I’ve had Chronis disease for 7 years. A huge improvement from my Chronis disease and effects. No more morning headaches from allergies and the wife says I’ve stopped snoring. My back pain is gone which is a major thing because my job is very physically demanding. Pain in the knee joints are much improved and I’m confident they will be gone altogether. I would recommend to someone else thanks to Doc I feel human again.”
-Myron H.

“I’ve had asthma since birth and it’s been an ongoing problem thru life. Since receiving treatment from Dr.Leger, I’ve been feeling much better.  With my condition of asthma breathing can be difficult with the weather changes. I’ve been on medication since I can remember, but as of a course of weeks ago I’ve been fine without it. I’ve went from twice a day to twice every couple of days. I’m very happy with the results of therapy so far… and yes I wouldn’t recommend treatment from anyone else but Dr.Leger.”
-Demetria H.

“I’ve had headaches and migraines for 6 years. I’ve had lower back pain for 10 years. I’ve been gaining weight for the last 2 years and I’ve had depression for the last 21/2 years, my body temperature was low when I started BRT back in late June 2007. It is normal now. My depression as seemed to be less and less. I still have some days that I feel miserable but definitely not like it was. My metabolism has increased, sped up. I used to find myself watching TV a lot. Now I have enough energy to work 2 new jobs without too much of a problem. My headaches are few and far between. I haven’t had any migraines either. I was getting there up to 8 times a month. I have also lost 10-15 pounds which is very encouraging after not losing at all with 2 months of nutrisystem. I already have recommended my mom and a very good friend who has fibromyalgia.”
-Collen B.

“I felt tired all the time, no energy and I had back pain for a very long time. I have had a hystereomy and on estrogen, hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain. Since I have been coming to Dr.Leger, I feel great. I have more energy and my clothes feels looser. The back pain is almost gone. My hot flashes and mood swing has subsided. I do still take estrogen but not as often. I hope to be off completely. I feel taller, thinner and feel better than I ever have in longtime. I would highly recommend this anyone. I have actually to my whole family: my husband, son and daughter. So I feel it does help me. I want to get my family feeling just as great as I feel.”
-Chris P.

“I have struggled with a roller coaster weight gain and lost for well over 10 years. I’ve tried practically ever diet and exercise around. I also suffer with chronic pain from four abdominal surgeries. I have had hypertension since the age of 16. Since beginning the BRT and reading “The 7 principles of fat burning” I have lost 16 pounds. I still take medication for my blood pressure, but it is controlled and is lower than it has been for years. Overall I feel better, healthier, happier and much lighter. I now have more energy to exercise and control my weight loss. I would highly recommend BRT. You have nothing to lose except excess weight. You’d be surprised at how it effects your medical well-being also I too was skeptical, but I’m sold.”
-Dawn P.

“I’ve had many years the inability to lose weight despite dieting. I’ve joined CURVES in July 2006, I have lost inches but not pounds. Since beginning BRT in November 2006 my recent weigh in showed 3 pound weight loss. I am sleeping better at night. I would recommend to someone else.”
-Karen P.

“I’ve had neck, shoulder and lower back pain. Panic that has been over 4 years. I tried injection surgeries. Process of recovery was not working. I came here and he treated me and the pain went away and the pain stayed away longer. I would recommend to someone because my pain is gone that has been there for years and it is a new way of treatment that works.”
-Pat W.

“I had continuous back and neck pain for 10 years, along with insomnia, hot flashes and weight gain for the last 15 years. Also I have hypertension which I am taking medication for the last 15 years. My neck and back pain has greatly improved and my sleep, energy and mood has also improved greatly. My blood pressure is lower than it is with medication.  Even though I have completed 7 of my 22 sessions. I think this worthwhile and I would recommend it for anyone having pain or just wanting to feel better.”
-Bonnie K.

“I have had type II diabetes for 9 years. My sugar levels kept climbing no matter how little I ate. My sugar levels peaked at about 250 or higher. I quit checking because of the elevations. After several weeks of BRT my sugar levels began to come down… not to normal, but lower. By December of 2007 my numbers were normal, 90-140. I decided to take ½ of a diabetic medication I had been put on in addition to my regular diabetic medication. My numbers remained the same! Soo I will try to go off it and see what happens. BRT works great on not only lowering my sugar levels but has improved my sleeping (not waking early hours). I have more energy and I just feel better. My blood measure has come down too. I’m taking ½ of my B.P medication and those numbers are still normal. I have recommended to people and talk to who complain about B.P. problems, sugar levels, sleep problems, not get up and go….anything. I have a cousin who is looking into BRT in San Antonio she thought I looked better at Christmas time.”
-Abby J.

“I have had a cough for many years. After the treatment I had almost to no cough anymore a 90-95% improvement. I would recommend to someone else.”
-Sam C.

“I have had a tight back for 5 years. I t would always be easy to hurt the lower back when working for 5 years. My back is a lot stronger and I can use without worry. I would recommend to someone else.”
-Frank C.

“I have had neck, back and right shoulder pain persisting for a few months. I gained movement in my neck, and felt a lot less tension in my spine, and shoulder feels ready to throw a baseball again. I would most definitely recommend to someone else.”
-Jim S.

“I fractured my 3rd lumbar in 1986 and lived with pain until 2 years ago when Dave started treating me. I fell on the ice about 3 weeks and hurt my shoulder. I do concrete for a living and Dave has fixed my back! I come back occasionally for him to check and adjust me if needed. The adjustments and therapy have improved my shoulder a lot; pain has been recovered from a 6 to a 4 and is getting better. I would recommend to someone else.”
-Rick S.

“My lower back pain has been giving me sever problems for 1 year now. I will eventually need surgery, but chiro treatments are helping me to put it off. I have had headaches, neck and stiffness for 3 months on and off.  I no longer need to take OxyContin (a high dose pain reliever).  I have reduced my prescribed Ibuprofen (600 mg) from 3 per day down to one a day. I would definitely recommend chiro treatments to others.”
-Alice J.

“I’ve had lower back pain since the 1980s (kids!) Then in the late 90s my back just gave out on me when I bent over to pick up some laundry. I was referred to a chiropractor who only made things worse. Then I met Nicki at a local establishment during Montgomery fest of 2007 in which I shared my bad experience with her she convinced me to come in and try this new method of chiro which helped. I can’t ever remember my back feeling as well as it does so far.  Thanks Doc!! I would most defiantly recommend to someone else.”
-Sonia D.

“My right elbow was hurting; it was hard to do any work. The pain lasted for about 2 ½ weeks. By working my arms with the doctor for 3 times a week made it feel so much better. I would recommend to someone else.”
-Marcos M.

“I have had lower for 9 years and shoulder pain when my arms are over my head. I crushed my large toe on the right side for 14 years.  I saw results in my lower back after the 2nd results and results in my shoulder pain after the 4th visit. The large toe saw incredible results just after the first visit and now the pain is gone. Yes, I would recommend to someone else and the therapy works.”
-Frank C.

“I’ve had lower back ache for over 2 years unable to control mid-weight.  My back is excellent. The entire upper body is more flexible and I’m beginning to feel weight loss. I’m not as tired throughout the day. And my hands are much warmer. Dr.Dave knows what’s happening in my body more than I know. I don’t attempt to know how he makes body images healthy again to function but he does!”
-Terry L.

“I have had neck pain for year.  As I have trouble remembering when I did not have it. I have head pain management and the surgery that was supposed to relieve it. I have had spinal fusion and they are talking about redoing it as it is not functioning. I feel that BRT is giving me an alternative to that surgery and pain. It is giving me more relief and I am looking forward to better my health that Dr.Leger and I feel is in the future for me. Yes I would recommend for anyone that has suffered for a long time Also if a person has not had long term it would be easier to connect.”
-Pat W.

“I am overweight and have been up and down since I have been 35 years old. I have had hip pain for the last 10 years. I have generally felt cold for most of my life. My body temperature and blood pressure is normal. Now I feel warm without sweaters! I would definitely recommend. I have more energy and feel warmer which is wonderful!!”
-Mary H.

“I have had chronic/ shoulder pain on one side from the spine. Somedays I find relief but I feel I think clearer/less foggy and no more hot flashes. We found that pain medications that are taken are a problem.”
-Mary S.

“I have had mid-back fatigue and insomnia which I use a regular dose of sleep medication. I had migraines  which required medication 2 times a month every month. My insomnia is 90%, I only needed medication 2 times this month to go to sleep. My muscle fatigue in the mid back was gone. My migraines reduced 50% only time instead of 2 times. Yes, I would recommend to someone else. I didn’t realize that BRT would affect muscle fatigue and take it away. I hoped it would improve insomnia, but I never imagined that it would improve so much after just one BRT treatment.”
-Carrie H.

“On 10/1/06 Sunday at 2AM sound asleep I awoke to the sensation someone stabbed me in the back. I reached for my back and found no blood of knife and my wife was asleep. I told her we have to go to the hospital, now! I spent 6 hours in the emergency room for 2 shots of Demeral and, it totally made me sleepy but it would not stop the pain. They said I needed a M.R.I. then I was put on a strong pain medication and I went the next day to see Dr.Leger. (10/9/06) It is now 10/12/06 and I have no use for pain prescription and have no pain at all. Yes, I would recommend to someone else.”
-David H.

“I had headaches for years. Headaches are much better and blood pressure is very good. Yes, I would recommend to someone else.”  
-Patricia B.

“I had Synus, depression and anxiety. My synus stay clearer and no depression or anxiety. Yes I would recommend to someone else.”
-Jeremy W.

“I suffer from high blood pressure about 30 years, also back and neck pain for 4 to 5 years. Also I suffered from severe migraine headaches. I have been receiving BRT treatment for 3 months and my headaches have basically disappeared and also I have a lot more energy my back and my neck are very relaxed and I am able to move more freely. Also I noticed my hair is filling in the back and front near my face. Yes I would recommend this treatment to someone else who has any kind of medical illness.”
-Maria B.

“I had shoulder pain for about 9 months. After about 3 sessions of BRT the pain is minimal The pain started at a six and now is more of a 2 or a 1 ½. I would absolutely recommend to someone else.”   

“I’ve had blood pressure with medication for 30 years. BRT has lowered my blood pressure and stabilized whereas I don’t need blood pressure medication anymore. The temperature stays at 97.8 my energy level is great. I have lots of ambition. I would highly recommend BRT.”
-Dorothy S.

“I cannot drop weight no matter how hard I try. Years of weakening food and watching calorie intake has not worked….unless I added four hours of exercise everyday. (ugh!) I lost 4 pounds in 6 visits. Yes, I would recommend to someone else.”

“I had lower back pain for several years and low body temperature all my life. Also I had hot flashes for several months. My body temperature has gone back to normal after the treatment and no more hot flashes. Yes, I would recommend to someone else.”
-Marianne R.

“I started Body Restoration Technique (BRT) treatments about 2 months ago and I feel great!! I had been suffering from a number of problems, sleepless nights, extreme fatigue during the day, hair loss, and sugar/salt cravings. After my first treatment I slept through the night for the first time in many, many years. I woke up the next morning feeling totally rested. I continue to sleep through the night and have no problems getting out of bed in the morning. My second problem was extreme fatigue during the day. Like clockwork every afternoon I would need to lie down for an hour and rest, I could hardly stay awake. The BRT treatments have helped with that too. I no longer feel tired in the afternoon quite the opposite; I have energy to make it through my day and well into the evening. My energy level is amazing!! Other Amazing results, I no longer crave sugar and salt like I did in the past and my hair has stopped falling out. I’m thrilled that I found Dr.Leger and the BRT treatments. Both have had a positive impact on my life.”
-Annette S.

“I have had lower back pain for 10 years plus and shoulder pain for 10 years plus. There was no pain after the 1st visit.”
-Sylvia S.

“I have had weight gain and migraines for over 20 years. After 1 ½ weeks I am headache free. This is just the beginning. Yes the treatments worth it.”
-Lenila F.

 “I have back and neck pain and low energy. My back and neck are much better. I don’t know how he does it but I have a lot more energy. I feel no pain with this treatment. I would definitely recommend to someone else.”
-Elly W.

“I had lower back, side and pain under the rib cage. I had these pains for 3 weeks then seeked out help.

After three weeks of treatment and I am pain free. It would be my pleasure to recommend this practice to others.”
-Joan R.

“For the past years, I’ve been concerned that I’ve felt like a little old lady. Low energy, lots of body aches and pains, particularly extreme pain caused by Bursitis in my hips. The M.O. gave me meds that caused a bleeding ulcer and did nothing to help the Bursitis. Okay if I feel like this at 48, how will I feel at 68? This BRT stuff is weird, yes. I still feel goofy, having this done. BUT! After just 3 treatments. NO MORE HIP PAIN!! Energy level is way up! Apparently this BRT does work or it’s the adjustments. Would I recommend this? Here’s a resounding YESS!!!”
-Kris B.

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