Tendinitis Treatment With Chiropractic Care

At Premier Posture Health and Wellness, we are here to take care of the patients who come to see us for chiropractic care. There are several common reasons why our patients trust us with their healthcare needs. One of the most common issues we handle is called tendinitis. This can lead to severe pain, so it is important for everyone to understand how a chiropractor in Montgomery can help treat these serious issues.


What Is Tendinitis?

Muscles are made up of numerous parts and the location where muscles attach to bones is called a tendon. Sometimes, due to overuse, this can lead to inflammation. When this inflammation involves the tendons of the muscles, this is called tendinitis.

If someone is suffering from tendinitis, there are a few symptoms that might appear. One of the most common is pain. Therefore, tendinitis pain relief is such an important issue. This pain usually gets worse with movement and one of the most common causes of tendinitis is the overuse of the muscle in the first place. Fortunately, we have several treatment options that we can use to help people who suffer from tendinitis.

Where Does Tendinitis Show Up?

There are a few common locations where tendinitis might show up. One of the most common is in the elbow. If someone has elbow pain, this could be due to tendinitis. Some of the reasons why people might have tendinitis due to elbow pain include tennis, golf, baseball, and even playing the piano. These involve repetitive movements of the elbow that could cause someone to develop chronic discomfort. This could be a sign of tendinitis.

Another common location for tendinitis to develop is the knee. Knee pain is a common sign of tendinitis. Some of the most common sports that lead to knee pain tendinitis include soccer, lacrosse, and basketball. The rapid cuts on the knee can lead to inflammation and knee pain, which are signs of tendinitis. As a chiropractor, we have treatment options at our disposal.

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At Premier Posture Health and Wellness, tendinitis is only one of the conditions that we regularly see. Our treatment plans always focus on trying to eliminate the root cause of the problem. To that end, we will take the time to get to know all our patients. Then, we will tailor our treatment plans to meet their needs. If you are looking for tendinitis pain relief, look no further than Premier Posture Health and Wellness. Call us today to make an appointment with a member of our team!

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